Phentermine & Dieting

Phentermine, is a renowned hunger suppressant of the drug classes, amphetamine and phenethylamine and is available in the market by different brand names. It is a very effective, short term, adjuvant therapy to a weight management program containing low-calorie diet, exercise and behavioral modification. The treatment is of a short span, that is, of 6 to 12 weeks, and hence is easy to complete. Generally phentermine is prescribed to the patients, whose body mass index or BMI is 30 kg/square meter and to the patients, whose BMI is 27 kg/square meter suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks etc. The medicine is not to be taken haphazardly and a prescription of your doctor is essential before you buy phentermine. If you buy phentermine online, then too your doctor’s prescription is a must.

The dose is 37.5 mg once per day for 6 to 12 weeks and is preferable to take in the morning before breakfast. Do not take it in the evening, as it may cause sleeplessness or insomnia. Swallow it with a glassful of water. It should not be taken by children and young adults of age 16 years or less.

Note well that phentermine can only reduce your weight if you undergo a good diet program along with it. The medicine helps you to overcome the temptation of eating by suppressing your hunger. But if you eat high calorie food, and do no physical activities, it can hardly produce results. Talk to your doctor about an effective diet program before you buy phentermine. If you buy phentermine online, then too, talk to your doctor.

A diet program necessarily contains a low-calorie food intake, through which you can easily achieve weight loss without starvation.

Remember that a diet plan is aimed at achieving a comfortable weight management through a food containing all the necessary nutrients, and you should not starve.

Diet therapy is aimed at reducing your body fat, and at the same time, increasing your lean body mass. This type of food increases your metabolism, due to which your body keeps on burning calories even when it is at rest. It may contain a lot of fresh salads, fruits, whole grains and fibers. (Reference: Remember not to take up the crash dieting which can be harmful sometimes to your health.

Add phentermine to your diet program to make it successful; take your doctor’s prescription before you buy phentermine. Before you buy phentermine online, take your doctor’s prescription and look where to buy adipex online from a certified online pharmacy.

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